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The Dream:
The development of the Abba Camper has been a very personal journey. I have been camping all my life and was lucky enough to get a wife who enjoyed it as much. We have covered all possible forms of camping from old army tents to caravans. As our family grew our camping needs changed and eventually I built my own trailer. The kids have since grown up and have their own families now so once again my wife and I found ourselves in new terrain. With just the two of us new travelling opportunities became possible and we found we needed a lot less. We went to Tanzania with an off road caravan almost got divorced, made it back and decided our days of caravan’s were over forever.

We tried a trailer again. But a trailer still kept us from going where we wanted to go most. There where roads unexplored, bucket list items calling, places to see that we were dreaming about, and a deep understanding never ever to under estimate the African bush.

Besides our empty nest or shall I say empty tent syndrome, my health had taken a beating and I needed something less strenuous to set up. As most of you will agree the test of good marriage is one which can survive setting up a camp site. No more roof top tents, no more towing, no more raw aluminium, no more hammering. We were ready for our next adventure and so Abba Campers was born.

The development criteria was really easy – keep it simple
We wanted a robust and reliable workhorse that could take us overland to Europe. Paris to Beijing without having to worry about ablution facilities, safe sleeping, fuel capacity, water, food storage, fridge/freezer or what so ever. We travel for our pleasure, not as punishment.

An attitude of no compromise was the norm.
The camper on any vehicle must be able to maintain a safe speed on the freeway, and be a awesome beast off-road with go anywhere convenience in the African bush. It takes no more that 5 minutes setup or pack in. You have total security at night, 360 degree sight with a secure compartment acting as a room with a view, and an in house electric flush toilet or porta-potti for the long nights and the hungry hyenas. Good insulation for the cold nights, good ventilation for the hot nights. Total privacy in the middle of a group of campers. It serves as an emergency toilet when traveling! There is lots of storage space. A liquor cabinet, some units could fit a 110 l National Luna fridge/freezer. Hot & cold water on tap inside, as well as in the kitchen and lovely shower with stepping platform. The kitchen is a treat and very convenient packing space. Direct coupling to 230 volts AC. Solar Chargers with blue tooth capabilities. Electronic/charging management system for lights, batteries, water pump, Hanson Gas geyser, 2 x gas bottles, 2 x jerry cans etc.

Lightweight and secure.
Every effort has been made to reduce weight where possible without compromising on the convenience and luxury aspects of camping. The shell is molded with composites as a one-piece unit and then developed from there according to final customer requirements. The interior is carpeted to contribute to the ambience and insulation.

Compact yet agile.
Looking at any off-road vehicle equipped for a major trip, it is generally full to capacity and “top heavy”. We have strived to keep all our weight down as low as possible. In general campers have the worst reputation regarding “top heaviness” but we have addressed the problem and the overhang on the side does not even reach beyond your rear-view mirrors. Should you chose a rear overhang model you do not affect your depart angle at all but gain a lot of useful space inside. The choice is yours! No crates, every necessity has been allowed for in a dedicated area and is always at hand without having to unpacking everything to get to the crate right at the back. It has dedicated clothing cupboard, interior drawers and lots of other space. Make life a bliss!

Living indoor or outdoors.
We have adapted the camper in such a way that it brings you closer to the bush. We have enhanced the experience of outdoor living, capturing the essence of Africa that we crave. Camping and touring with no hassles. Sitting out a major Kalahari storm at sunset inside the camper or catching up on some “Siesta time” in the heat of the day is great! You are protected from the elements at all time! Close some of your vent windows to keep the water out from the rain side or open them all for the coolest breeze in the hottest sun. Front and rear windows open completely for photography, game viewing and as an emergency escape route. If water is critical you have a basin inside for a “birdbath” in total privacy or a shower outside with drop down curtain and shower step. The fully equipped kitchen so you can entertain all you want under an awning. Small 2 step plastic steps help inside to get into bed, outside to assist in the kitchen, food drawers and side tables for eating and drinks. Abba Campers is recommended with 2 x slide out tables to assist with your every need. Hot and cold water is available next to kitchen for your convenience.

Your Personal Abba Camper.
Abba Camper is a matter of choice and individual preference, we only build to order based on your exact needs. We have  formulated a “wishlist” that we use to determine your needs, budget and final quote to ensure that your travel experience is perfect and that you will consider your camper a home from home. We need to know your choice of vehicle manufacture, model and a few guidelines to build your exclusive camper, some fitments can be done later or as the need arise! We wish you to be 110% happy with our product. Our aim is for you to not only use it as the ultimate way to travel but to become a traveling companion, friend and an “Ambassador” for our brand.

Production is by hand, limited and exclusive for a very few select people. Come and talk to us to make your dreams come true!


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